Saturday, 17 May 2014

The Bookshop Book is finished!

So, pals, I have finished writing The Bookshop Book!

I feel a little as though I'm stepping back into another world. When I emailed off the manuscript, I had to seriously think to try and remember the last time I'd left the house... It's been an intense time, and it's also the first time I've written something this long (word-count wise, it's seven times the size of Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops), and I have loved writing every single part of it.

The book will be published on the 2nd of October by Constable & Robinson, who have recently become part of Little, Brown, and it's going to be the official book of this year's Books Are My Bag campaign, which I am absolutely thrilled about. Books Are My Bag is a celebration of bricks and mortar bookshops, run by the Booksellers Association, and it's a very happy partnership indeed!

So, what can you expect from the book? My premise is that bookshops are full of stories, and not just those on the shelves: real-life bookshop love stories; amazing travelling bookshops; fantastic booksellers in far-flung places... The Bookshop Book looks at 320 bookshops across six continents: bookshops in rainforests, in the mountains and underground...

I also chat to authors in the book about their favourite bookshops and what sort of place they would open up themselves if they had the chance - you'll be hearing quite a lot from Ian Rankin, Audrey Niffenegger, Tracy Chevalier, Bill Bryson, David Almond, Ali Smith, John Connolly, Hank Green, Jacqueline Wilson, Carys Bray, Claire King, Cornelia Funke, Joanne Harris, Rachel Joyce, Nathan Filer... and many others, too!

I am so happy, and exhausted, and I'm counting down the months until I can share these stories with all of you.  :) xx