Friday, 23 August 2013

This week I am far away from bookshop customers

In the Lake District, on holiday for a week.
Back to ALL THE WORK in a couple of days.
In the next couple of months, my writing will be in Brittle Star, New Welsh Review and Poetry Salzburg Review. I'll post links when they're available.
I'm working hard on two books, and I had some lovely poetry competition news this week, which I'll be able to share soon.
Blog post on recommended reads will be up in the next week or so :)
Hope you're all well! x

Monday, 5 August 2013

writing my novel in a cottage by the sea

Good evening, lovely folk! I am back from a week of writing in Cornwall. I spent it completely on my own, in a cottage next to the sea, and worked hard on my novel. It was great to leave bookshop-work behind and be able to focus completely on my writing. I left with plenty of words and many more ideas, and it was a rather successful week. I have to say, I miss the view from my desk.

(For those interested, I stayed at Brisons Veor, just out of St. Just. If you're an artist/writer and you'd like to apply for a residency, their website is over here.)

So, yes, that was fantastic. Then I arrived home last night to copies of the Dutch edition of 'Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops', which came out last week! If you're in The Netherlands, go hunt it down in a bookshop:  'Gekke dingen die klanten in boekhandels zeggen' is published by Bbnc Uitgevers and retails at €9.95. :)

Hope you're all well! x