Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops: UPDATE

So, the book's now out in USA and Canada! Many thanks to booksellers who have been emailing me photos of it in their stores. Here it is in LA:

Since it came out a couple of weeks ago, three booksellers with quotes in the North American edition have come to visit me at the bookshop, which has been lovely! Debbie and Sandi from Seattle, and last week Christopher from Re: Reading in Toronto. It was lovely to meet booksellers from across the pond. 

Elsewhere: after a bit of a delay, copies of 'Weird Things...' have landed in Australia and New Zealand (distributed by Murdoch), so you should be able to track copies Down Under now. 

At the moment I'm having fun writing the manuscript for the sequel, More Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops, which will be published next year. I've got to have the book finished by the beginning of December. Here's a sneak peek:

Customer (to her friend): I only like books that I can really believe happened, you know? Like Twilight.


Girl: Mummy, where do angels come from?
Mother: Erm...
Girl (interrupting): I think they grow inside of clouds.
Mother: Oh, yes? How do you think they get there?
Girl: They come from eggs! That grow in space!
Mother: Interesting...


Customer: I don’t like biographies. The main character nearly always dies at the end. It’s so predictable.


Boy: When I grow up, I'm going to be a book ninja.
Me: Cool! What do book ninjas do?
Boy: I can't tell you. It's top secret.


I want to hire that kid.

Great submissions have been coming in from other bookshops, and from libraries, for the sequel, too. There are still a couple of weeks left to get your quotes in if you want to submit. Details for that are over here. 

Meanwhile, Penny-Slow's been taking a look at 'Weird Things...'. She's a very tough critic indeed. I'll let you know what she thinks. 


  1. That's so cool that you met Christopher! I remember when he first had the idea to visit. And then he did! Wow. That must have been quite cool.

    Love the Twilight comment. Made me laugh aloud!

  2. It was very lovely indeed! He was here for a few hours and bought rather a lot of books, which I packaged up to send back to Canada for him :) x

    1. Steph, we invited her to come visit us in Canada so if she comes you can bet we will all meet up at the cottage and share some Weird Things. Ripping Yarns is a wonderful shop and I did buy waaaay too many books! Robert A. Heinlein UK covers! Meeting Jen IRL was awesome!

  3. I love going to Re-Reading in Toronto (I live close to it)! They help keep me stocked up on books to review on my blog and everyone there is super nice!