Tuesday, 2 October 2012

"'Then would you like to hear the story about the horse / who stands on top of the highest mountain? / On cold mornings the horse breathes heavily / and out of his nostrils come all the clouds / and fill the sky'" (Christopher Reid - Traditional Stories)

New event! You can find me at the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival on the 4th November. I'll be doing an event run by the fantastic Christopher Reid. All who buy tickets beforehand will be sent poems by me and two other poets (new work that hasn't been published). On the day, we will read out these poems, which will be analysed by Christopher Reid, and then the audience get to ask questions about the poems, too. The poems will be 'unfinished' so it's like we'll be workshopping them collectively. I'm really excited about it! If you'd like to come along, then you can buy tickets over here. 

[If you'd like to take a look at my poetry, then head over to 'The Hungry Ghost Festival.']

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