Friday, 26 October 2012

Come On Everybody - Adrian Mitchell

Dear Sir

I have read your manifesto with great interest but it
says nothing about singing. 

As most of you know, the antiquarian bookshop where I work is owned by Celia Mitchell, who is the wife of Adrian Mitchell. Adrian was a great poet and playwright, who sadly passed away in 2008. On Wednesday, it would have been his 80th birthday and, to celebrate, we launched 'Come on Everybody' a collection of most of Adrian's work, published by Bloodaxe.

Adrian famously said that 'Most people ignore most poetry, because most poetry ignores most people.' He strove to write for those who felt poetry had left them behind. He wrote about peace, and he wrote about love. He was extremely passionate about all his work.

One of my favourite poems from Come on Everybody (though there's so much to choose from!) is:

from Nine Ways of Looking at Ted Hughes

Poet at Work

There he stands
a grizzly bear in a waterfall
catching the leaping salmon
in his scoopy paws.   

Footwear Notes

bloody great clogs
carved out of logs
are the indoor shoes
of Ted Hughes

Out of Focus

When you take a photograph of Ted
it's a job to get him all in -
like taking a snapshot of Mount Everest. 


A large Mayakovsky
Or Ginsberg and tonic before the meal
Dry white Stevie Smith with the mousse of moose
Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding with a deep red Ted
Vintage Keats with the trifle
A glass of Baudelaire goes well with cheese
But afterwards
A bottomless goblet of Shakespeare's port
Or the blazing brandy of Blake. 

That poem makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

Come on Everybody is a generous beast of a book, at 432 pages. If you'd like to buy a copy from us at the bookshop, you can do so by using the Paypal button below (or by emailing us at yarns at ripping yarns dot co dot uk). Price is £15 plus postage.

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