Saturday, 7 July 2012

poems on postcards

As it's still raining [zut alors!], and to celebrate the release of my poetry collection, The Hungry Ghost Festival, which will be published on 16th July [hurray!], I am going to do another round of worldwide postcard sending. *prepares self*

So, if you'd like me to send you a poem on a postcard [anywhere in the world], simply email me with your address.

ETA: One day and 60 postcards to 12 different countries, so I'm going to close this now. Thanks, guys!


  1. Thanks for the postcard! I really enjoyed your poem.
    I wonder if my reply made it's way to you (with its own poem) or if it got lost in the Italian mailbags.

  2. Hi Jen -
    Would love a post from you.
    Sending info.

  3. Ah, I already have something even more purr-fect than a postcard! Prrrrrrr!

  4. Hi Jen

    Would love a postcard from you. Really enjoyed your book 'Weird Things Customers say in Bookshops' and meeting you in Belfast.

    Sending email now.