Thursday, 12 July 2012

I wanted to share a few things...

1. Old maps made into dresses

2. A lovely Alice in Wonderland poster

3. What Alice in Wonderland means to me


5. Julian Barnes: My Life as a Bibliophile

5. Life plan:

That is all. A proper update, soon. Night all. x


  1. Ah, now that t-shirt has a slogan I would be happy to wear!

  2. 4. What if I want to read the book again or keep it for future reference? I am one whose books will outlast him as the only thing I ever possessed so although it would serve a publisher's purpose well (as well as probably being impossibly expensive) it is not useful for academic purposes.

  3. 5. I need to read this. I have long been wanting to write something similar (for my eyes only). Time and again I have had my books thrown away, I have had to abandon them and still accumulated more. I have been told I shall be buried with my books for company ... check out this article as well from one of my favourite writers.

  4. I agree, I like to read books again and again, but I like this idea just as a one off :)