Friday, 29 June 2012

The Hungry Ghost Festival

...You pick my arms up and spread them out
so we are matching. Our woollen scarves
touch our noses - catch our breath 
like cloth balloons. We dig our feet into the soil
and stamp down into the very deep. 
"This is an arresting collection from a writer fully in command of an unusual and significant voice.” Anna Woodford

“These are poems full of wonder and surprise.. Jen Campbell tells us stories about growing up...; reimagining love, childhood and home in strange and magical ways.” Liz Berry

“Jen Campbell opens the doors wide and takes you through to her own fierce world where nothing goes unquestioned. A mixture of strong filmic images and rich language mean that the poems always keep their sense of wonder and strength.” Sarah Salway

"The writing is luminous, immediate, and (yes) magical. I imagine she fell in love with words early, spinning them into shining nets to save herself from a kind of drowning. She’s a real poet, in other words." - Marcia Menter

The Hungry Ghost Festival is published by The Rialto. Cover illustration is by Laura Barnard.
(You can read some of my poems at the links over here:

You can buy copies via The Rialto or, if you would like to buy a signed copy, then you can do so below (£5.50 plus postage). If you're outside the UK, click the drop down menu to select another postage option.

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Here's a blog post with a little about me, and what The Hungry Ghost Festival is about. 


  1. *like button* very excited for you :)

  2. Hello Jen
    It's good to see that you are still going strong. I was struck by your simple and beautiful #95 from Nov 2011:

    In the middle of the night,
    we rewrite the world's beginnings.
    Let our bed frame grow
    its branches back, and
    cover us with leaves.

    Regards from NJ, USA
    The Six Day Race

  3. All preordered. ^_^

    Very much looking forward to reading this.

  4. This all sounds very exciting. Have popped over from the Rialto site ... I went to my first Creative Writing workshops in Cullercoats and North Shields ...

  5. What a fantastic endorsement from Woodford! Congratulations, Jen! And god, you're young; the places you'll be when you're forty, say!!

    Love the cover, too.

    I'm very happy for you and that you're getting all this writing done and that all of it's going places!