Friday, 4 May 2012

The Book Barge

Yesterday I threw myself at Blackwell's in Oxford. Today I'd like you to all go throw yourselves at The Book Barge. Though not all at once, please, as it might capsize.

A couple of weeks ago, I hopped on a train to Lichfield to go and sign books at the wonderful Book Barge. A BOOKSHOP ON A BOAT. It's owned and run by Sarah, who had stopped by Ripping Yarns at the beginning of April and asked if I'd come for a visit. I very happily said yes.

The boat is currently moored in Staffordshire, though Sarah sometimes ventures to other places - travelling along at the glorious speed of 4mph. I was welcomed with a very lovely cake.

Ohm nom.

Take a look around!

It's a beautiful place, and a wonderful concept. Also, being on a boat seems to open up a whole new kind of strange customer requests; Sarah has a few pages in the back of 'Weird Things...' all to herself, including:


Customer: Can you point me to your military history section please?
Bookseller: I'm afraid we're such a small shop that we don't actually have one.
Customer: WHAT? No war section AT ALL? Have you no respect for the fallen?
Bookseller: I can order in any title you're after. Or you'll find a decent selection of war poetry and novels inspired by war.
Customer (ignoring this): You mean to tell me you have no shelf on weaponry?
Bookseller: I'm afraid not.
Customer: Are you a pacifist or something?



So, if you're near the Barge, or it's near you, then go and check it out! Give Sarah a hug from me, she's very lovely indeed.


  1. It looks lovely, must visit sometime, my brother has and really rates it.

  2. I think I passed the Book Barge once, but it was before I KNEW about the Book Barge so I stupidly didn't go in. Now I'd be like, "OMG OMG THE BOOK BARGE!" and my poor dear mother wouldn't be able to drag me away, even if she'd recently fuelled up with coffee and cake in superhuman quantities. *sighs* What a wasted opportunity...