Friday, 13 April 2012

Poetry at Agenda

Happy Friday, lovely people. You can find three poems of mine over at Agenda right now, if you fancy a read. Below are some extracts. 

The Other Woman

Eve takes a bite, and spits
lime acid between the parted grass, and to hell with this:
this moulding green, finger tips tripping on fig leaves cut
and coloured, splayed, sun-dialled and pinned...

Read the full poems here on page 20

memories of your sister in a full-body wetsuit

Letters had been found in bags. Cut and stick newspaper notes
like it’s the movies. So we took her away.
She looked out of place against the motor. It was its corners,
and her hair as she pushed the back seats down flat to sit. Like a tank.

Read the full poems here on page 21.


The conversation flashed
across the pool of yearning soles: fish for
thought and upturned stomachs with seams and stoppers
that turned and rolled.

Read the full poem here on page 23


'Memories of your sister...' is a poem from The Hungry Ghost Festival.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. x

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