Thursday, 5 April 2012

Official release date! Weird Things! Ian Rankin! Moomins! Cupcakes!

Copies of 'Weird Things..' have been winding their way into bookshops over the past week, but today is the official UK and Commonwealth release date for 'Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops', which means that it should now be available in all bookshops where it was pre-ordered. Hurrah!

Here are two things which made me grin.

I can confirm that Ian is a well-behaved bookshop customer. I can't vouch for Moomintroll.

Yesterday two lovely German customers came into the bookshop, spied 'Weird Things...', each took a copy and sat down on the floor to read it, laughing and talking to each other in German. Although I have no idea what they were saying, it was rather fun.

I've got some more events lined up for the book, which are listed over on the left side of the blog *points* <----. Over the next couple of weeks I'm going to be doing a blog tour, stopping by various places to chat about 'Weird Things...'. I'll edit this page with links, as and when those posts go up:

Today I'm over at Scott Pack's blog here, answering some extremely hardhitting questions.

Tonight is the launch party for 'Weird Things...' over in Hampstead [we couldn't have it at Ripping Yarns, as you can only fit about three and a half people in our bookshop at any one time]. Miles and I drove all the wine over yesterday, and last night I baked an army of cupcakes, so I'm pretty sure we're all sorted. I'll post some photos from the book launch in the next few days.

Thank you, wonderful bloggers for being so supportive and lovely. It's very surreal that something which started here as blog posts eleven months ago, is now an actual book-shaped thing that people are buying. Life is weird. But lovely.

Lots of love. xx


  1. How exciting that Ian Rankin was one of the first purchasers of Weird Things! Please come to the North West Jen, it would be lovely to buy a signed book from you in person (I probably won't be down in London for a couple of months boo hoo) x

  2. It's wonderful to see everything going so well with the book. =) It really is fantastic and funny and a bit facepalmy and overall very true. =) Congratulations on the pay off for all your hard work!

  3. I love Moomins! It's nice that they are interested in your book too.

  4. Hello Jen,
    I'm a bookseller from Munich and we run an 'English Books Only' Bookshop.
    We really like your book as do our customers.
    Thanks a lot for the laughs.. :)

    Best Wishes,

  5. Ah purr...with luck my copies (I had to get at least two!) will be here soon. The Senior Cat is looking forward to it with a wicked gleam in his eye.
    Hope Edinburgh night was a huge success. Hugs!

  6. Fun post! But what I really want to stop by to say is that I just read the catalog copy for your new book in my Penguin catalogs. (I'm the book buyer for my bookshop). It made me so happy to see it in print and I'm going to put in for an author event with you if you tour here in the US.