Thursday, 19 April 2012

"I don't recommend washing your face... because you might drown."

So, today, all I'm going to do is introduce a person to those of you who don't know her [how do you not know about her?!]: the wonderful Jenna Marbles. Internet Queen of Hilarity.

I realise this has nothing to do with books, BUT if you like 'Weird Things...' then you obviously like a giggle. So... here's a giggle. I highly recommend you check out her other videos and subscribe if you don't do so already. Excellent.

Don't watch this whilst drinking tea, because she makes me laugh until I snort tea out of my nose. Which is hardly attractive, but kudos to her for my laughter-induced-disgustingness.


  1. Amazing! And I feel like I've learned some very valuable life tips. Thank you.

  2. "Let's make it look like your skin is not so angry at you for your bad life choices.... choose a brush that doesn't judge you."

  3. A group of high-school girls at my local Starbucks [only cafe in town :( ]were discussing the Jenna Marbles face last week. I might have stared at them for several minutes. I almost never overhear things from the internet in real life. Also, it's hard to look away from someone doing The Face. I almost wanted to explain to them that they really shouldn't practise in public.

  4. But - but - but that's how I *always* do my make-up.

    Is that so wrong?

    And all my brushes judge me. Absolutely all of them. So I threw those bastards in the bin and now I put on my make-up with my fingers instead. And sometimes the cat's tail. But mostly my fingers.

  5. This is hysterical. I just watched it with a friend here in the office with me and she ended up in tears of laughter. Priceless!