Monday, 26 September 2011

tea and love and fingerless gloves

Happy Monday, folks. The Kent and Sussex Poetry Society Folio has now been published, including the winning poems from this year's competition, of which mine was one. My poem was appraised by Jo Shapcott which got me all in a bit of a tizz. It was a very lovely review:

"Jen Campbell's 'Kitchen': an imagined dialogue running so close to the edge that speakers and reads are transformed alike."

If the mood takes you, you can order a copy of the society's folio by dropping them an email.


A very lovely thing happened yesterday. The very lovely Jane came by the bookshop and brought me this box:

and inside the box was this:

How awesome is that? She thought it was suitably outrageous and would feed my tea habit. And so it shall. So, with Cat knitting me some bespoke fingerless gloves [because I have ridiculous hands] and sending them all the way from Australia, and with this fabulous tea pot and cup, and all your lovely replies on here, I'm feeling the bloggerly love, yo. Thanks guys xx

PS. In the next week or so I'm going to make y'all a video tour of Ripping Yarns, for those who are far away and can't visit. *nods*


  1. What an awesome teapot, and a wonderful box too!

  2. Hurray! What a lovely surprise!

  3. Awesome! You look positively Dickensian, sipping tea in those gloves. I love it! And I want that tea set, too. :)

    Can't wait to see that video!

    PS. The other day I had a customer ask me if we had any books "on getting into a woman's head." I almost laughed aloud, but you know how this goes, so I tried to probe a little more to see exactly what he was looking for. He said his friend was reading one and that it sounded interesting, but that's all he could tell me. I asked if it was non-fiction, and he said, No, it's a true story. :)

    I told him yes, that's what I meant, a book on how to get into women's heads, so to speak, on how to figure them out, and he said, yeah, like that. We didn't find anything in the section I took him to, but he said he thought it would be a good book to have on hand.

    Judging from his appearance, I thought maybe he'd need a different book first, but I said nothing, of course; I simply smiled...and thus remained an enigma.

  4. i want those gloves! i'm learning to crochet, so maybe i'll be able to make my own soon enough. :) and that teapot is just amazing.