Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Gutter: Issue 3

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Micaela Maftei — Melissa
Louise Welsh — A Simple Life
Jenni Fagan — Impilo
Jen Campbell — In the Beginning

Jenni Fagan — The Bob Conn Experience
Andrew C Ferguson — Scotland as an Xbox Game
Graham Fulton — Historic Scotland
Josh Byer — a sincere apology
Rob A Mackenzie — At the Church of Scotland General Assembly

Zoe Strachan — Ever Fallen in Love?: Extract from the novel What I Was Going to Do
Tracey Emerson — New Lovers Who Polish Their Stories Like Shoes
Mary-Paulson-Ellis — The Monday to Friday Routine
Lesley Wilson — Extract from the novel Guitar Man

Colin Herd — mike
Colin Herd — strictly following
Graham Fulton — Three Women Ten Minutes Apart
Aiko Harman — How Salt can be a Man
Bridgit Kursheed — The little gothic orangery
Brian Johnstone — Reading the Book
Hazel Frew — A Sequence of Six Pregnancy Poems
John Douglas Miller — Brother Works the Saw

Kate Tough — Extract from the novel Critical Mass
EK Reeder — Attendance
Elaine diRollo — Extract from a novel in progress
Colette Paul — Marginalia

Maggie Wallis — Journey to the Centre of a tomato
Elizabeth Rimmer — Granary Cottage, Wexford
Donald S Murray — An Application for an Enterprise Project
Hugh McMillan — George 5th Earl of Seaton
Graham Hardie — The dead men of Luing
Chris Powici — Otter
Brian Johnstone — The Accents of Mice
Michael Stephenson — Enso
JoAnne McKay — The Magdalene Fleur-de-Lis

Kirsten McKenzie — Moored
Dorothy Alexander — Fifty Word Hospital Stories
Ewan Gault — Thawing
Ewan Morrison — A Compilation from the Collection Tales from the Mall

Stephen Nelson — Whit a Man Wants
Richie McCaffery — East Chevington Opencast
Mark Ryan Smith — Emigration
Marion McCready — The Captayannis
EP Teagarden — Subconscious Relationship to Success
Eveline Pye — Book Launch
Kevin Williamson — The Art and Craft of Fiction
Andrew Elliott — The Art of Discretion

Adam Hofbauer Believe
Ronald Frame Special Terms
Barry Gornell Extract from the novel The Healing of Luther Grove
Carl McDoughall Reflections

Jacqueline Thompson The Cave
Graham Hardie The pursuit of thought
Jim Ferguson fragments from a european leg
Jim Ferguson dubrovnik.
Sally Evans The Poem WILD BOAR

Donal McLaughlin dachau-derry-knock
Iain Maloney Honda’s Tale: Extract from the novel Dog Mountain
Stuart Finlayson More Death in Venice
Martyn Murphy Sashimi